About Us

Here at Pet Supply Surplus we are all about our furry and cute companions. That's why our focus is giving you "Grade A" quality products for you and your little buddy. Coming from a family of multiple pets, we know that everyone wants the best for their pets, so that's why we live up to a high standard with all of our products. Not only do we provide superb products, but we also offer them at a very affordable and reasonable price that many don't offer. We have all been to retail pet stores that charge an insane amount for products that don't even look or feel of top quality. That's why we make all of our prices the best one could buy. In the end, our goal is just to give people all the supplies and accessories that their pets could ever desire.



We are a small business based out of Prior Lake, Minnesota so we experience all of the four seasons every year. From the frigid, negative degree weather in the winters, to the blistering, 100+ temperatures in the summer, we experience it all.That's why we are constantly changing and improving our products based on what season we are going through so everyone's pets can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed no matter what time of the year it is. We personalize our products to what we feel owners and their pets want and need to live their best lives. Browse our catalog to find products you and your pet will love!